Low Volume Production

At Technique, Inc., we offer a unique combination of innovative tooling designs, presses, laser-cutting and other processes to allow us to be a full-production supplier for low volume runs of stampings, bent tubing and laser cut tubing.

We utilize aspects of prototype and production processes, letting us achieve low tooling costs for short-run or low volume production.

We are an approved production supplier to many major automotive, agricultural, recreational vehicle, racing and appliance OEMs.

We also support pre-production or early production when tooling is delayed or not ready in time for start of production.


We approach each low-volume situation uniquely to find a solution tailor-made to fit your budget.

For unknown situations with an unknown demand, we rely on laser-cutting to reduce high initial capital investments in tooling. As demand increases, we can add to the tooling to reduce unit price.

When demand is predictable, we find a tooling solution to meet tooling and piece price goals.


Fast turnaround times and competent staff mean nothing without a quality product. We understand that the quality of the part is of the utmost importance to the ultimate success of the product.

At Technique, Inc., we’re proud of our ISO 9001:2008 registration. We also integrate our quality management system into every aspect of our process.

We’re committed to producing the highest-class parts possible. We strive to not only meet the requirements of the print, but also to produce parts that are clean, with minimal tooling marks, shipped in a way that protects them from scratches and other blemishes.

Every part that ships has a quality packet containing:

  • We’re fully PPAP capable to any level.
  • All production jobs are managed with full production controls, including control plans, gages, etc.

Looking to have a prototype built of your idea?

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