Technique, Inc. can offer extremely rapid solutions to a number of production issues. We work around the clock, 7 days a week to solve problems to avoid downtime or line shutdown situations.

  • We can complete any type of metal stamping, bent tubing, laser cut tubing or assembly.
  • We have a jet airplane available for direct emergency shipments as needed
  • We can produce quantities as needed — from a few dozen to 10,000+
  • We utilize all tools at our disposal to be able to respond immediately to emergency situations:
    • Laser cutting — flat and five-axis
    • Short run or temporary tooling designed and built with an in-house tooling department
    • Our technicians are highly-skilled, extremely experienced and are accustomed bringing complex parts on-line quickly
    • Large inventory of in-stock materials for tools and parts
    • We utilize computer simulations for tool design to reduce guesswork and lead times — saving you time and money


  • In situations where a production tool isn’t available in time for start-of-production, we can create a fast, temporary tool to quickly manufacture and ship parts
  • We meet PPAP and other production quality requirements as needed


  • In situations where a current production tool goes down or needs repair, we can fill the gap created with minimal tooling and downtime.


  • We can modify current production parts when there are production problems
  • Whether you require trim line changes or changes to the form of the part requiring fast, temporary tooling, we can quickly make tools or utilize five-axis laser cutting to turn current parts into a new revision level

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